Cemetery Regulations

All cemeteries have regulations regarding what style and size memorial you may place on your lots. Some restrict the choice of material that the marker can be made of (granite or bronze) and even tell you what type of design you must have. Cemeteries normally regulate which way the marker will face and on which end of the grave the marker must be placed. Due to the increasing number of people burying multiple cremains in a single grave, cemeteries also regulate how many markers may be placed on a single grave.

Most cemeteries require a foundation under the marker or monument. Cemetery that don’t usually have a setting fee. For more on that see our informaiton on foundation and setting fees. Foundation and setting fees
If you have not checked with your cemetery to find out their restrictions, you need to. We have many cemeteries in our data base; contact us to check. If you prefer we have a simple questionnaire you can download to make sure you don’t overlook something. Questionnaire Once you have your cemetery’s regulations you’ll want to determine which style of marker is right for you. Styles of headstones
Different styles of cemetery monuments.

Keep in mind that your cemetery regulations may specify what style of memorial you are allowed to have. If your unsure, contact us to verify. The basic styles are pictured below; flush, bevel, slant, slant on base, and monuments, followed by three non-traditional styles; bench, boulder, and cremation memorials. Adaptations can be made to any of these memorials to personalize them for you. For detailed information on each style, click the link below the photo.

Obviously you want to select a gravestone which you feel is personal to you and your loved one. However, be prudent by determining your local cemetery regulations before hand.

Most cemeteries have their own rules and regulations pertaining to headstone designs. It is very important that you check with them before ordering a tombstone as they can refuse it if it does not meet their regulations. They also may try to lead you towards someone they work with regarding who you purchase the headstone from. However, you are well within your rights to obtain any grave stones or a memorials from where ever you choose, as long as it conforms to their regulations.

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